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Copyright Notice:

All rights of this website is reserved. This includes the rights to its name, trademark, concept, photos, comments, reviews, format, content and every other element in this website. No part of this website, its content, name, applications, documents, programs, texts, design elements, images, photos, posts or format can be copied, shared, moved, published or used without prior and explicit consent of its Author.

Site Agreement

  • is a private web site and visiting this website or being a member is a priviledge, not a right.
  • has full liberty to choose its members. We reserve our rights to accept or reject any member signups, remove or banish any member from the site, grant and revoke any priviledges to our members in the site without warning, prior notice, giving any reason and in anytime we find appropriate.
  • can anytime stop or suspend its services without prior notice.
  • The information published in this website may be outdated or wrong in one way or another, so no information should be used without consulting it with a professional.
  • All content sent to PhotoAgainstPhoto.comby its members and visitors can be rejected, deleted, modified, edited by site administration.
  • Copyright owners of photos keep their rights on the photos they own even after submitted them to site. Yet by submitting they declare they allow to publish them in this website and its future affiliate sites.
  • can act on the behalf of copyright owner of these photos to take legal actions , cease and desist actions and removal actions if they are illegally published, pirated or distributed in other websites or media.
  • Except the photos, legal rights of the all the other content sent to by its members or visitors belongs to Site Owner when they are submitted to the site.
  • Site visitors/members can not ask the submitted content to be removed or unpublished from the site later.
  • All site visitors who visits this website are obligated to obey site rules & site agreement and respect site principals and goals.
  • Visitors and members agrees they are the sole copyright owner of a photo when they submit it to and they have written consent of people photographed in that digital image for internet publisment.

Privacy Policy

  • does not sell, rent, loan, trade, or share any personal information collected at our site. This policy includes email addresses of the members.
  • This website sends harmless internet cookies to your computer to keep track of your visits, collects site statistics and remember your member information to save you from relogining in.
  • Most of the site content (including many reviews, comments, comparisons, photos, user profiles etc.) are open to page visitor including search engines. Members shouldn't share personal information in their profiles or posts which they don't want to publish in the internet. We have no control over search engine results when such information is submitted to the site by our members.
  • com server may collect and log IP addresses, browser information, cookie information, user actions performed in our website to provide a better service and improve the value of the materials available on website. These web logs are not sold or shared with third parties.
  • may share any information it has if an auhority (police force, Court etc.) requests it. Our site also reserves right to share such information to a complainer if any of our site visitors or members stalks or disturbes this user in an unacceptible manner and we confirm this with our records. This also applies to copyright & privacy claims.
  • Most of the information in this website is kept in a database which contains photos, registration info, reviews, private messages, logged IPs, comments etc. All this information contained within the database belongs to to the administrator of WorldWideKnights and it can be accesible by site administration whenever it is required. So even the private messages which are saved in the database are accessible by site administration if needed so members are warned and asked to not to share too private and personal information in the private messages which shouldn't read by anybody.
  • This website keeps the email address of its members hidden, unless member reveals it himself with opt-in selections. Member email addresses can be accessible to third parties if member posts it inside a review, comment, post or emails another member.
  • reserves its right to change this privacy policy anytime. Changes will always be reflected to this page.